CNE 2022 – RECAP

This year the CNE came back in full force and it was an understatement to say that everyone was excited to be back, eating fried foods, going on rides, playing carnival games and seeing all the vendors and performances!  We entered through the side entrance near Ontario Place and the first building that we wantedContinue reading “CNE 2022 – RECAP”


I saw so many people, visiting and enjoying this highly kid-friendly place, I just had to visit it myself! It is located in Colborne, Ontario.  It was easy to find and right off the highway, the entrance was visible and you knew you were there by seeing the big figure of the apple!  There isContinue reading “VISITING THE BIG APPLE”


During the summer times, getting out and experiencing nature is a must! A great way to see large fields of flowers and immerse yourself into its beauty! I’ve been to a few sunflower fields over time but one of my favourites has to be Dixie Orchards near Caledon, Ontario! And they are opening again forContinue reading “VISITING DIXIE ORCHARDS”

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