For a limited time you can visit an art pop up photo op at Square One in Mississauga, while it is small it is well worth the visit! 

There are many colourful creations that are presented and displayed on high ceiling walls, these artistic creations are all unique and have different themes! 

There is a pink wall with vibrant pictures that are separated with different shapes and sizes of picture frames. Another featured wall is a large yellow light up heart that has a black and white background with different lines and curves! 

The last featured wall is mostly blue that has layered light pink curved arches that have led lights illuminating the background effortlessly creating the perfect lighting for photos!

All murals and artistic displays are full of character, unique, and have lots of meaning behind their beauty, you can find yourself lost in the beauty of them and enjoying the creation!  

All art mosaic walls were created by local artists from the GTA! You can visit the pop up artistic photo op to get some great photos and support local artists! It can be located near the Holt Renfrew entrance at Square One! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

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