There is a brand new My Tim Hortons urban cafe in Mississauga, I heard about these exclusive cafes opening in Downtown Toronto, so when they opened one closer to home I absolutely had to visit! 

From the outside there isn’t much difference when compared to your other local Tim Hortons but once you step inside and look at their exclusive menu, it is completely different! 

The specialty drink menu has something for everyone, if you like coffee there is a cold foam cold brew, a nitro cold brew and the coffee based drink we got was the hazelnut cold brew that was topped with a delicious espresso cold foam! It was bursting with hazelnut flavour, was really creamy and had just the right enough of sweetness! 

There are also other drinks that aren’t coffee based, like the dirty chai latte, flat white and the vanilla iced matcha! We got the passion fruit iced tea and it was by far my favourite drink! This green iced tea lemonade had passion fruit syrup and pineapple pieces, it was very refreshing, and delicious! We also got the blueberry lavender lemonade, it can be served over ice or nitrogen infused, it was a bit of a dull taste and I’d definitely take the passion fruit iced tea instead! 


There are also many unique dream donuts available! We tried 6 different donuts, matcha coconut, Nutella s’mores, creme brûlée, apple pie, Black Forest filled ring and vanilla creme filled! They were very unique and tasty, my favourites were the matcha coconut, and the Black Forest filled ring! 

There are some other food options and a changing seasonal menu with a set of other items! I can’t wait to visit again and try even more of their exclusive menu items! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

LOCATION: 394 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON L5B 4N3

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