Life is about new experiences and absorbing all there is to learn and discover, what better way to do that but travelling? There are many places I’ve visited thus far and many more I wish to visit in the future, with each trip I’ve been on I’ve been exposed to a new culture, new foods, new ways of life. Some of these trips being close and some being far away from home, all being enriching experiences and constantly evolving and shaping the way I look at everything!

Travel brings power and love back to your life


I’ll be showing you the amazing places I’ve been so far, the experiences I’ve had and the lasting effect they’ve had on me! From sightseeing in new cities to relaxing on a beach I’m giving you all the details! There is something amazing in discovering all what a different place has to offer!

Click on any of the recent posts below to start discovering along with me!


Over the long weekend, my sister and our friends decided to venture to Uxbridge, Ontario to explore the small town and take a train ride at the historic Uxbridge station! There are different trains that have different themes during the year. We decided to go during Fall for their Fall celebration of changing colours!  WeContinue reading “TAKING A RIDE ON THE YDHR FALL CELEBRATION TRAIN IN UXBRIDGE, ONTARIO! “

Great Wineries for YOU to Visit at Niagara-On-The-Lake!

There are so many reasons to take a day trip to the Niagara region, with great attractions, the gorgeous waterfall and many different activities for all ages! However, my absolute favourite area to visit are the wineries at Niagara-on-the-lake! There are so many and each are beautiful and transport you to a gorgeous world ofContinue reading “Great Wineries for YOU to Visit at Niagara-On-The-Lake!”

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