One of my favourite places to take a day trip to is Burlington, Ontario! There is so much to do and explore, best of all it’s usually only about an hour away from Toronto! There is something for everyone in this beautiful city! If you’re into beaches, patios and boardwalks on the waterfront, supporting local businesses or trying new dessert spots, Burlington has so much to enjoy and explore! 


BURLINGTON BRANT STREET PIER – One of my favourite things to do in Burlington is visit the Pier, there is a long boardwalk and lookout point with a large architectural structure at the tip of the lookout point! It was a beautiful walk to take on a warm summer evening, the views of the water are breathtaking! 

VILLAGE SQUARE – This area is known for showcasing small businesses, great restaurants and gorgeous stonework that are timelessly picturesque. There are so many spots for photo ops, there is an old school bright red telephone booth, and a central gazebo that looks beautiful on the gram! There are the most beautiful outdoor patios here, if you are looking to get your coffee or ice cream fix, you can also find that here as well! 


THE NORTH COAL – This has to be one of my favourite sit down restaurants near the waterfront, it’s located in The Village Square, and their patio is completed with wooden barriers that aid and promote social distancing, and string lights glittering above you! They have a very tasty and unique drink menu! One of my go to’s is the Spicy Passionfruit Margarita, they were also very accommodating to our requests for some non-alcoholic drinks as well! Their non-alcoholic Mojito is very refreshing! Their service is great, and super friendly, as for food items, there is a good selection to choose from, their thai buffalo wings are a fan favourite! 

Non-Alcoholic Mojito + Spicy PassionFruit Margarita
2 Fried Chicken Sandwiches + 2 orders of Thai Buffalo wings

RCs – If you are looking for a quick bite, and want to indulge in some casual comfort food, this is the ideal spot for you! They are located right on the waterfront, and have a really cool retro theme! They have vintage signs, newspapers, and collectibles, it is a great one stop shop to feed the entire family! 


SUNSHINE DONUTS – If you’re looking for premium desserts and you’re a fan of donuts, check out Sunshine Donuts! They are a small business that has an array of large tasty donuts! They have a changing menu, when we visited there were lemon donuts, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate sprinkle, raspberry lemonade fritter, plain jane and so much more! There are different teas, coffees, juices and more that can be paired with your sweet treat! I would definitely recommend getting there early as they do tend to sell out quickly! 


The Beachway – There is a long park space that has sand and is a perfect way to cool off on sunny days! It has picnic areas and a long enough area for everyone to socially distance and enjoy the water! The water is very clean and has a relatively flat ground that makes it easy to enter the water. Aside from swimming in the water, there are many other activities to do here! Like bike riding, rollerblading and bird watching! Just bring our own equipment and get there early to get a good spot! 

I hope you found these tips and locations helpful when planning your next day trip!

Sincerely, Celine!

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