Not too long ago I received the Dyson Corrale hair straightener as a complementary gift to give my honest experience and opinions! Upon receiving it, the packaging was beautiful and it came with a travel bag, a charger and charging dock since this is a wireless straightener! That’s the first selling point of this straightener, the fact that it is cordless allows for easy use! It is recommended to charge your straightener completely before the first use!

There was a lot of initial skeptical thinking when I first got this tool. Aside from the extremely high price, it only heats up to 210 degrees and that made me nervous because I have very wavy hair and I always needed my previous straighteners to be heated up to at least 400 degrees! However I was pleasantly surprised! My hair became pin straight after the first pass through! There is a new technology presented in this tool, there are flexing plates that move to gather hair without causing breakage! 

There is a clip button that lets you close the straightener after it is done cooling to avoid any damage to the plates, there is also a very cool feature that makes your straighter travel safe, the pull out airplane mode button allows your straightener to be allowed on planes! Just be careful not to break or pull too hard as this button is very easy to fall out! 

It takes about 70 minutes for a full recharge and lasts for about 20-30 minutes of cordless use. The weight of this straightener is significant, but I find myself getting my hair done in about 10 minutes so the weight doesn’t bother me too much! 


Check out the full reel and tutorial on my Instagram @Sincerelycelinee


It is a very expensive tool but it does work very well and it is really sustainable! If you can’t afford the extremely high price tag, don’t worry! These results can be achieved by other straighteners just make sure you always use a heat protector! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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