It is an everyday effort to stay healthy and avoid getting sick! Especially, with the global pandemic being internally and externally healthy is extremely vital! Here are a few ways to easily ensure that your immune system is functioning to the best of its ability to keep you in good health!

Fermented foods 

There are some super foods that really target its benefits towards enhancing the functions of your immune system! Adding fermented foods such as yogurt and kefir in your diet can increase the amount of good bacteria regulating your gut health, this supports bodily gut health as well as a smooth functioning immune system! 

Infused water 

You can infuse water with any fruit, but to improve your immune system, my favourites are blueberries, mint and lemon! Using ingredients that have antioxidants or citrus are best! I start by muddling the mint and lemon to maximize the flavour! Then I add it to the water.

Cutting all fruits and added ingredients lets them be bit- sized and fit in any glass you would like to use!

I prefer to use cool or chilled water to make it even more refreshing! Infused water can be sipped all day!

Cool Showers 

Towards the end of your shower, turning the water slightly cooler from the neck down, for approx. 20 seconds, can help tend to inflammation, as it generates functionality within the immune system to produce anti-inflammatory agents within the body! 

Green Tea Ice Cubes

There are a lot of ways to adjust your daily usage of ice cubes to be beneficial to your body and immune system. One of the easiest ways to do this is by including green tea! 

Start by boiling your desired amount of water, then steep 1 green tea bag for every cup of water boiled. (You can adjust the amount of tea bags to your likeness)

Allow the tea bags to steep for approx 5-10 mins ( again this can be adjusted to suit how strongly you want your ice cubes to taste) 

OPTIONAL: Allow the boiled water to cool for an extra 10-15 mins after removing the tea bags to reduce the risk of burning yourself or damaging plastic ice cube trays! 

Fill the green tea infused water in the ice cube trays and freeze for 2-3 hours 

Once frozen, you can use them in water, lemonade, ice tea and much more! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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