The Spring Market – London,Ontario

Over the weekend, I visit the very large Kellogg Factory in London which is a hotspot for fun, games, activities and so much more! Located on the 3rd floor of the factory, you will find the market, there is an $8 entry fee, and your hand will be stamped and this will allow you to enter at any time of the day! 

There are so many photo-ops and interactive setups that you’re able to pose with and really get you into the spring mood! There are quite a bit of vendors as well, one of my favourite vendors – which is also a local favourite – is Tart Boss! They have the best butter tarts, they have pecan, salted caramel and so much more! 

We also saw many jewelry vendors, freeze-dried candies and treats, decorate your own sweater, paintings and much more! They had a bar with drinks like Kirk Royals and other awesome drinks to indulge in! 

After you check out the vendors on the third floor, head downstairs to the second floor and you are able to see some more innovative vendors such as young entrepreneur vendors. There was one young lady that sold me a body scrub, and we were so convincing and not forgetting cute. 

After That, we headed over to the tasting garden where we purchased 5 rockets and a souvenir glass for a total of $20 dollars. We were able to try many different wines, beers, spritzers, and non-alcoholic beverages that came across London. My favorite beverage that I tried was the Hibiscus Lemonade and Whisky Iced Tea from Paradigm Spirits. 

Overall, it was an awesome experience! The last weekend to check them out is May 13-14th! Definitely worth a few hours! 

Sincerely, Celine 

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