Seeing Hamilton – The Musical in Toronto

Even if you aren’t a huge musical or broadway fan like I am, chances are you’ve heard about the musical Hamilton due to its pop culture influences and universal popularity! During the beginning stages of the pandemic, much like others I became a huge fan of the musical and when I heard they were coming to Toronto I couldn’t have booked my tickets fast enough! 

I purchased tickets months in advance, around November 2022 and attended the show on March 18th! During that time there were very limited shows and times, however due to how fast the tickets sold out and the high demand, they announced that the shows and times are extended! So there are still many opportunities to see the show if you haven’t got a chance to grab some tickets yet! 

The show took place at the Princess of Wales Theater, it was really easy to get there and there were huge posters of Hamilton all around the theater! Once you enter they gesture you to get your tickets checked, and direct you which floor you need to head to based on your seat. Because we were getting close to showtime, we opted to take the elevator so we could make it to our seats on time, as they don’t always allow you to enter after the show begins. 

Once we got seated the show began shortly and it was epic! We weren’t allowed to have our phones on and for good reason, it was very impactful to be in the moment and soak up all the awesome talent! Our seats were pretty comfortable and the first half went by so quickly, the production was amazing and my personal favourite detail is the moving stage! 

The first half flew by because I was totally engulfed by the stellar performances, the music, the production, etc. When we reached the halfway point, the intermission was really smooth, there was a long line for the bathroom, but it moved quite quickly, the staff was also guiding people to use the bathroom on other levels that were not as busy. They were quite lenient with audience members getting back to their seats – as they allowed anyone to enter back into the auditorium during the first song of the second half. Something I also really enjoyed was that you were able to purchase snacks and drinks, and also bring them to your seat! There are other venues where you need to finish your snack or drink before re-entering, so this was definitely a nice touch!

The second half of the show was equally as amazing! It really took you on a journey and told a beautiful story! If you haven’t already, go see it for yourself!

Sincerely, Celine

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