Spring is at its peak and with that is so many beautiful flowers blooming! An essential flower that really shines during this time is tulips! Tulips only bloom for a short amount of time and the TASC Tulip Farm is the best place to really bask in their glory and admire this beautiful flower! 

The TASC Tulip Farm planted 2 million tulip bulbs in the fall, making their fields of tulips this spring sensational! It is located in Fenwick, Ontario which is really close to the Niagara area! It was about an hour and a bit drive from the GTA, but it was well worth the drive! 

Upon arriving, they had a large parking lot with lots of space. There were many employees guiding you where you had the most space to park your vehicle! Once you park, there is an entrance tent where they check your tickets, you need to book your tickets online, you are able to pick the date and time, with each ticket you are able to pick 10 tulips! We arrived a little late due to the weather and they were really friendly, flexible and lenient! 

They scanned our online tickets and guided us to an employee that taught us how to properly pick the tulips, the rules of the grounds and where we can get our flowers wrapped after picking! We also got to pick up small buckets to easily gather and pick our tulips while walking through the fields! At first glance, it is absolutely stunning, there is a sea of tulips organized by colour and all in full bloom! 

We started with the first few rows and picked the flowers that caught our eye, each creating a theme and colour palette for our bouquets! There were so many different colours, types, shades, and hybrids to choose from! We learned how to correctly pick the tulips which were holding close to the root, twisting and pulling up! This made it significantly easier when picking! 

There were so many fields to walk through and many photo ops! There were many such as an installation of very large shoes that you are able to step into, a photo frame with the tulip fields as the background, and my personal favourite, two gorgeous bicycles bolted in the middle of the field! There is also a no pick zone where you were able to take really great photos because that part of the fields is really full from no one picking there! 

When you’re done picking tulips and taking photos, there is a tent that will wrap your tulips up beautifully and you’re able to carefully take them home!

Time went so quickly while at the tulip farm so if you are visiting make sure to give yourself ample time! This is the last weekend to visit this farm until next year! Visit their website by clicking HERE to book your tickets! Make sure to get your tickets soon and enjoy this while it lasts! 

Sincerely, Celine! 


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