Cuba has such a rich and interesting culture and atmosphere, it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. My 7 day trip to Cayo Guillermo, Cuba started with a 40 minute drive from the airport to the resort, there is a lot of forestry in these parts of Cuba, and because we were travelling in the evening and it was was dark, it was tough to see outside, and there was no residential areas around! However, as we approached the resort, the entire building was beautifully lit up! It was great to experience arriving during the evening and seeing the beauty of the grounds during that time. 

The lobby was absolutely breath-taking! There was a gold/green theme with a beautiful layout, check-in was quick and easy, we got our rooms and headed towards the separate buildings where the rooms were located. Each and every room had a balcony with some sort of ocean view which was really nice and accommodating for the guests. The rooms were beautiful, they had a vintage cuban ambiance, while still having modern accents with the technology, television, free mini bar/fridge, etc. 

Main Front Lobby

After taking a quick shower, we headed back down to the main building to grab some dinner at the buffet, there was plenty of seating at the buffet and it was seat yourself process so you got to choose a spot that you felt most comfortable! The buffet was truly a large feast! There was so much to choose from, from freshly baked pizza, to rice and veggies, pasta, fresh grilled fish and so much more! The food at the buffet was some of the best we had for the entire trip, everyday there was something different, one day they had banana flambé, the next day they had pasta being tossed in the sauce and veggies of your choice right in front of you! Everyday they had a different variety of fresh fish for you to choose from that would be grilled right there, and other days they also had turkey burgers, there was definitely something for everyone. There were also a few different a-la-carte restaurants that needed to be booked in advance because they are only open on certain days. My favourite restaurant was the Mexican inspired one, the food was so tasty and had a lot to choose from! There were two other restaurants, however they were not as good, the portion size was small and it lacked flavour, I would definitely say opt for the buffet! 

The absolute best part of the entire trip was the beach! It was by far the best beach I had ever visited, it was clear, you had your own space and there was an amazing long boardwalk lookout that went straight into the ocean! It was truly amazing to experience these waters! The building with our rooms was located very close to the beach. It was just a short walk away! The entire grounds were covered with flowers and plants, it was so nice to take these short walks to soak in all the greenery! 

One day we decided to explore outside of the resort, we hopped on the tourist bus and went to the market! It was a bit of a long way there, about an hour but it took us to a cute little market filled with all sorts of affordable souvenirs, and almost everything can be engraved! We got all our items for friends and family here and headed back to the resort! 

All the staff at the resort was so friendly and accommodating, especially some of the waitresses and bartenders, they made the most amazing drinks, some of our favourites were the tequila sunrise and “The Iberostar”. There were also amazing shows and activities in their entertainment area every night! 

I had such an amazing time visiting Cuba, I can’t wait to return! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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