Last season I decided to visit an amazing lavender farm, Terre Bleu Lavender Farm! It’s located a bit out of the city near Guleph, getting here was really easy with the directions that were given on the website! Upon arriving there was a sign on the roadside to indicate where the farm is located, after entering there is a large parking lot that is close to the entrance, and an employee under a shed checking your tickets (which needed to be pre-booked online) and giving you a map to the grounds. We walked through the main entrance, and were met with rows upon rows of different types of lavender! 

The first farm is huge! It has more than enough room to social distance and stay safe with the limited groups allowed in at a time! After spending some time taking photos and enjoying the first farm, we took a short walk through the forest-like trail that looked so enchanted! It had a few bridges, it was pretty cool and shady which was a nice break from the sun! The walk was only about 5 mins and connected the two lavender farms together! 

The trail leads out to another huge lavender field with many more photo ops! Here you can find the infamous yellow door, and other structures that allow for the most beautiful photos! One thing that was a little unexpected was the large amount of bees, however they were not aggressive and didn’t bother you if you didn’t bother them! 

The pre-booked tickets are inclusive of admission and a small free gift as well, the day I visited they gave us strawberry and lavender infused sparkling water! It was very refreshing on a hot day! There is also a fully stocked gift shop with many items ranging from lavender chocolates to lavender lip balms and lotion! There is also an in-house ice cream parlour that serves lavender ice cream. The ice cream parlour was unfortunately closed when I went but hopefully the next time I visit I’ll be able to try it! 

It is gorgeous and truly makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Provence, France! It is definitely worth the visit, just make sure you bring your own water to stay hydrated and your own mask and sanitizer to stay safe!

Sincerely, Celine!

Ticket/admission price (2020) = $20 + tax 

Address: 2501 25 Side Rd, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0

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