With the summer weather among us there is no doubt that we try to embrace the heat while protecting our skin. One really trendy accessory that can help us stay cool, protect our skin and look really chic is hats! There are so many ways that you can use hats to spice up any outfit that feels lacklustre! I try to stick with neutral and solid coloured hats so they are able to be paired with many different outfits and pieces! A basic black or brown hat can truly become a staple in your wardrobe! I recommend pairing it with minimalistic jewellery, to really let the hat be the statement piece of the outfit! 

You can wear a hat with a mini dress, on the beach with a swimsuit, with a shirt and jeans or shorts, and with a floral or casual jumpsuit! 

I personally love fedoras and baseball caps, they are my go to’s! No matter what type of hat you think suits you best, you can make it chic and fashionable by being creative! Fashion is about taking risks, seeing what works and making statements! Adding hats can really help elevate your outfit and make you stand out! Plus it looks great on the gram! 

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