Cancun, Mexico – August 20, 2018

My family loves to take vacations and one of our favourite places to escape to and just relax is Cancun, Mexico! It’s a quick plane ride from Toronto and makes you feel like you have been transported to the most tropical place ever! We try to pick a new place to stay and new things to see each visit. It’s an understatement to say that Cancun exceeds our expectations each and every time! 

There is no shortage of amazing places to stay in downtown Cancun, however our favourite thus far has been the Iberostar Cancun! To start, the grounds are absolutely stunning, you truly feel safe here, there are security guards allowing only authorized vehicles into the resort grounds. Right away, that sense of safety made us feel comfortable and relaxed! While driving up the long driveway you catch a glimpse of the magnificent shape of the hotel, it is built similarly to a pyramid and is very unique yet fitting in relation the Mexican Mayan culture and history! There is a beautiful entrance and water fountain outside as you approach closer to the lobby, when entering you are greeted with amazing refreshing drinks! These welcome drinks change each day, we got cucumber and mint lemonade and it was perfect for the hot weather! The service was fast and so friendly, they checked us in and got us settled very quickly! 

The grounds are truly breathtaking! There are multiple pools, including an infinity pool leading to the beach. Although we love the beach, we definitely used the pool the most because during the time of year we went (end of August) there was a lot of seaweed washing up on the beach. We only got to enjoy the ocean for one day, however the pool was an amazing replacement to the beach! It was big enough to the point where you can have your own space! There were many activities to enjoy at the pool as well, such as Zumba, a foam party and other fun games! There was also a really accessible pool bar that could be accessed from in the pool or around from the ramp that connects to the poolside deck! 

The food was honestly so good! The service was amazing and the employees were nice enough to ensure we had a reservation at each one of their a la carte restaurants! Almost every night of our 5-night stay we got to try a different in-house restaurant! All restaurants were so tasty, there was a French, Japanese, Mexican and a steakhouse! At the time they also had a daily rotation of cuisines that were being served at the buffet each night which is great so there is always something new to try! The drinks were also amazing! All servers were so friendly and always made certain that our drinks were made to perfection! Also, there was this trendy coffee shop that was like our very own Starbucks, and it was open late making it the best spot to grab a snack or drink before bed!

Lastly, the room itself was gorgeous! It was really modern and chic! The beds were really comfy and the cleaning service always did an excellent job! I looked forward to seeing what animal or object they made using the towels each day! 

This trip to Iberostar Cancun was so enjoyable and comfortable! The next chance we get to visit Mexico, this resort is going to be at the top of our list and it should be on yours as well!

Sincerely, Celine!

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