With the spring + summer weather comes unlimited flowers, colour and many more reasons to take a brighter and more vibrant twist with your makeup. With these products I take the season on head first and dive into all things, pink, rose gold and floral! 

1) Kaja Cheeky Blush Stamp – Flirty
  • With spring being amongst us there are few products that truly warm up your looking and have you anticipating the warmth and flowers. This blush brings all the spring feelings, from the colour of the packaging and the cute idea of stamping on the blush; this is so cute and fun! The colour looks like it is more pigmented and intense than when it comes off to be, it is really buildable and dries down really nicely. This is totally my go-to blush for spring and summer!

2) Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter – Opal
  • Many see this line of highlights as an all year staple, but the shade Opal has the perfect amount of warmth to wear throughout spring and summer. It has a slight rose gold hue that shines through and gives the face a warmth and glow like none other! The formula is so fine and bendable and it wears beautifully!

3) Kaja Eyeshadow Bento – Mocha Spritz
  • The packaging for the eye shadow is absolutely perfect for travelling; with the three shades included there are many looks that can be made! You can easily turn a daytime looking into a nighttime look but deepening the crease colour and using a bit more shimmer. They are really convenient and nicely pigmented!

4) Fenty Full Frontal Mascara – Cuz I’m Black
  • This mascara is gorgeous packaging the outside has a chrome rose gold sleek design with hints of black, it is so chic and so spring! While this is a great mascara in terms of formulation, it does take a while to dry down so keep that in mind when applying and finishing your makeup. I personally love the wand, there is a thicker side for your top lashes and a side with smaller bristles to really target the lower lashes! It is a really easy application!

5) Nars Bronzer Powder – Laguna
  • During the winter I tend to develop a pale undertone, as soon as the spring weather starts to peek through I do all I can to bring back some warm and colour to my skin through my makeup! This is the perfect bronzer from that transition because it blends with my cool tone winter skin and helps bring warmth without making me look too yellow! It is also very buildable and blendable, it looks great when paired with other blushes and highlights as well!

6) Sephora Glow Highlighter Palette
  • If you want to achieve a natural, glowy , dewy, and glistening look, this is the palette for you. There are five shades of highlight with a gel like consistency. This texture helps you achieve that dewy natural look that is ideal for spring + summer! I wouldn’t recommend combining or layering with other powders, personally it is best paired with a cream or liquid blush!

7) MAC Mineralize Charged Water – Skin Hydrating Mist
  • With the warm weather becoming more frequent during these months it’s harder to achieve and sustain that perfect dewy look, this skin mist with gold glitter and shimmer in particular is perfect for spring. It gives a bit of a sparkle while keeping your makeup in place and adding to the natural dewy look. This really keeps the face refreshed and sets in your makeup!

8) Milani Rose Powder Blush – Coral Cove
  • Not only is this blush super pigmented and a gorgeous vibrant color, but it is also shaped like a beautiful rose! Just simply looking at this blush makes me feel like spring! This blush is very intense though, use a light hand and make sure you blend! When paired with a neutral lip colour, this blush can really shine through and be the focus of your look!

9) Kaja Heart Melter Lip Gloss Stick  – So Fine

  • This is my go to gloss, it has the cutest packaging, and the heart shaped applicator truly helps with lining your cupid’s bow and ensuring a neat and precise application. It is not very pigmented which I personally love, as it does have little colour pay off but is super buildable! This way everyone can use the correct amount to achieve the look and shade they want!

10) Dior Addict Lacquer Plump – Starstruck 
  • Although this is a luxury lip-gloss, I use it as a lip topper and it is the best out there! For me, I don’t like lip toppers with chunky glitters or if they are overly shiny, this one is so fine and layers beautifully!

I hope that this list of my favourite product helps you welcome the warm weather with open arms! Here in Toronto we only get a few months of warm weather, lets make the best of it!

Sincerely, Celine!

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