Co-Written By: Abigail Nanan

This year has been huge for series and movie releases on streaming services, specifically Netflix. We have certainly fallen victim to anticipating the release of a show and immediately sitting down to binge an entire season in one or two sittings! Here is our list for the shows you MUST binge watch on Netflix now!

1. Bridgerton 

If you are not already familiar with the Netflix series – Bridgerton, then get ready for a lavish, posh period drama filled with affairs of the heart, affection, and mystery! But don’t be mistaken, Bridgerton is not like any other period drama. It’s unique yet enticing take on Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift songs, decorative and embellished costumes keeps you wanting more!

Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen based Bridgerton off Julia Quinn’s romance novels which created the infamous structure for gossip, and scandal on the young female socialites of the time. 

Rated TV-MA (18+) Drama, Romance

Bridgerton’s Poisonous Romance Story Failed the Audience – Netral.New

2. YOU

For those who enjoy gripping thrillers and love the excitement that comes with suspense this is the Netflix series for YOU! This phycological thriller always keeps you on the edge of your seat with all the different twists and turns that the show takes! The premise of the series surrounds Joe GoldBerg, an obsessive bookstore manager who takes an unhealthy obsession with a grad student that visits his store. HIs obsessive behaviour leads to more bloodshed, murder and mysery to arise. 

Rated TV-MA (18+) Thriller


3. Lucifer 

This series surrounds the life of the Devil – Lucifer Morningstar who chooses to leave hell behind and start over in Los Angeles by running his very own night club named LUX. Along his journey in Los Angeles, he comes across a homicide detective for the LAPD, Chloe Decker whom unintentionally immune to Lucifer supernatural abilities, as well as limits them. This starts Lucifer’s quest to learn more about his new-found vulnerability, and along the way sparks more crime, mystery, and romance! 

Rated TV-14 Crime, Mystery


4. Good Girls 

This series blends two genres together seamlessly, if you like comedy and crime dramas then this show will be right up your ally! It’s gritty and has so many surprises, the introduction to the characters and the situations they get themselves into will make you laugh and keep you in suspense! Their involvement with the gang is so innovative and unique that it keeps you wanting more. Through these unconventional means, it shows a differential aspect of each female protagonist and shows the complexity of each individual character. You’re going to want to keep watching to see what each unpredictable character will do! 

Rated TV-14 Crime, Comedy

5. Locke and Key 

This isn’t the first show that has started out with a murder as the underlying prompt to change, however the events surrounding the death and the childhood of the decades is what truly brings the element of mystery. It’s a teen and young adult supernatural drama, while it is a family rated series it is definitely not for the faint hearted, there are many jump scares, and horror correlent themes. 

Rated TV-14 Drama, Mystery

We hope everyone finds something they like on this list, because there is an amazing feeling that comes with looking forward to watching the next episode of a series! Happy watching!

Sincerely, Celine + Abigail!

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