With Spring scents being focused around florals and rose centric tones, there are many scents that give me all the Spring feels without being overly floral! Here is my go to scents to wear throughout the season!

1)   Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb

This scent definitely generates a lot of hype for a reason! It is a sweeter scent that gives warm and spicy new meanings! It is very floral but not in an overpowering way, it really just exudes spring vibes, from the packaging to the colour, it’s truly a masterpiece. It is higher end and does cost a pretty penny, but I promise, if you like sweet floral scents, you will get so much use out of this and it will last you a very long time!

2)   Pinrose – Bold Soul 

This is much more of a berry-focused scent, although there are many notes of floral and spice, berry most definitely shines through. It takes me back to berry picking season, warm weather and flowers. Not only is this a sweet scent, it somehow increases your confidence, you truly feel like you’re ready to work towards your goals when you wear this! It may be a might over matter or association to memory and scent but for me, whenever I want a pick me up, or need my day to go well, this scent compliments my efforts perfectly!

3)   Calvin Klein – Euphoria

When compared to the other scents mentioned, this has to be the most classic and universal. It is a staple in the collection of many for a reason, it is the perfect day to night scents and has a good balance of sweet and spicy. It has a very fruit like scent to it and feels mysterious because you can’t really put your finger on the other surrounding notes. It’s ultimately captivating and addictive, this will totally be your new signature scent. 

Use these scents to uplift your mood, inspire you and truly give you the confidence you need to conquer each and everyday!

Sincerely, Celine!

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