With Spring amongst us, there are many changes our skin go through when transitioning from the dry winter months to the rainy spring season. Here are the products that I use to guide and balance my skin during this time while ensuring each product helps me embrace all spring has to offer! 

Being that retinol is a chemical that many people typically ease their way into and approach with caution, this serum in particular has allowed me to not worry about using too much prompting a reaction. The main ingredient within this serum is an alternative to retinol called bakuchiol. There is a natural aspect with this element that puts my mind at ease when using this serum! There has been nothing but positives that have come out from using this serum, my skin has been smoother, my pores are tight and blurred and the packaging is absolutely adorable!

I recently discovered the true effects of under eye masks, I don’t have a hereditary issue surrounding under eye darkness and puffiness, however after years of studying and late night my under eyes definitely needed some TLC! I prefer to use this in the morning after a restless night; they recommend you keep the masks on for at least 10-15 minutes, but if I’m at home, just getting some independent work done, I like to keep these on for about 2 hours! They definitely help to hydrate and get rid of puffiness and fine lines immediately! Also, they come in rose gold now, and it totally gives me spring vibes!

This cleanser smells amazing, it has a very citrus scent from the vitamin C included, and it really wakes you up in the morning and helps you set your day up the right way. It allows the face to feel very fresh and clean and preps the skin to be ready for creams and serums. It offers more of a glowing and brightening effect when compared to many other cleansers I’ve used!

I am always on the go and have a very busy lifestyle and although I prioritize and value my skincare routines, sometimes there are those mornings that you need to complete your skincare routine as quickly as possible and this is the ideal product for those times! This serves as a cream, serum and an SPF, which is very convenient as this is packed full of vitamin C, and SPF is always a vital follow up step after using any vitamin C! There is no flash back and gives the face a natural glowy look!

I never thought that I would’ve been on board with an oil-based serum but this has so many benefits it’s hard not to love it! If you have oily skin this may not be the everyday serum for you, but when used in moderation I think that this can really help the brightening of the skin! It is definitely a really lightweight serum and soaks right into the skin, I would recommend using it during your nighttime routine, as it does have an oily texture and does not lay the best under makeup. Upon the first use, I really did see a difference in my skin, I was glowing the next morning!

There was a lot of talk around the product and the ways that it has helped a lot of people, that too in different ways. For me personally, I struggled with a lot of texture, especially around my cheeks area, and this helped clear it up! While I don’t think it did all the work on its own, when paired with the moisturizer and mask from the same honey line the results were amazing! It also smells exactly like honey!

Blackheads were the first skin concern that I ever developed, and at this early age I was very new to skincare and did not know how to properly treat my pores. I tried everything from pore strips to at home hacks and solutions. These quick fixes never worked for me and I was on the verge of losing hope, until I stumbled upon this mask. While it does not completely remove my blackheads, it helps blur and tighten my pores while slowly this product has made a longing difference.

With the weather warming up, it is important to use as much SPF as possible! I know for those like me, I also prioritize makeup and I really dislike any type of flashback! However this face mist is so fine and really has a great SPF concentration, when applied like a setting spray it gives extra protection while achieving a great glowy look for spring!

Upon opening this product there is an overwhelming scent of mint that is very refreshing, while it is very hydrating there is a fresh sensation that comes from using this product. The use of this moisturizer has undoubtedly calmed my skin and really helped with any type of heat bumps that tend to form and transfer into texture over time.

This is an extremely refreshing product, while I don’t personally use it everyday, it does not act as a toner or a mist, it is an essence that brings neutralization. My favourite time to use this is straight out of the shower right after a good workout, it was so refreshing and helped to feel rejuvenated while flaunting glowy skin!

Let these amazing products be your skin saviours this spring and summer! Keep glowing all season!

Sincerely, Celine!

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