If you are a fan of Friends, you need to check out the Friends Experience that is only in Toronto for a limited time! I visited early this week and it is only here until Jan 8th! 

I went with a group of friends and family and we purchased our tickets in advance online via the website!  it’s a bonus benefit if you are a student, because you’ll get a little discount! 

The experience was located in Yorkdale Shopping Centre and wasn’t very difficult to find, they did state that it was right across from The Lego Store, which made it easier to locate. Once we got to the space there were large quotes and sayings around the walls leading into the entrance! There was a security guard at the entrance first checking our tickets to confirm the reservation of the date and time, and letting us know there was a coat check and where to line up and wait for the experience to start! 

We contemplated getting the coat check but the experience wasn’t too long and there is space for you to leave your jackets near the photo ops so I would say to save the money and walk with your jackets! We lined up and took a photo in front of a mural/mosaic that had ‘Friends” written on it! It was gorgeous, and then right next to it we got into a game of Friends Trivia, this was a lot of fun and I wish it lasted a little longer! The questions were actually pretty tough and funny at the same time! 

They led us and a few other groups into another room to start the experience, there was a short video that played and told us the rules, such as no food or drink in the experience was allowed, and they showed a few recap clips of the show! Then we were guided through the iconic purple door of Monica’s apartment to the first photo op! 

First up was the couch and fountain from the opening scene of the show! The couch was almost identical but the fountain could have been much better, I didn’t expect them to have an actual functioning fountain but some sort of lights or other added touches would’ve been nice, there were just some plastic tubes that didn’t look the best. There were friendly staff members that were great and offered to take photos and/or videos at every photo op!

Next on to one of my favourite parts, there were mannequins dressed in iconic outfits worn by each of the main characters! There were also original scripts that were signed by the cast and the original studio plot! A really cool and funny addition was the hairstyles worn by Rachel Green throughout the seasons, there was her popular “the Rachel” haircut, a short bob cut, and many more! 

After this area, we were able to sit in Chandler and Joey’s apartment, specifically in their reclining chairs! They were incredibly comfortable to say the least, we also got to play with the foosball table! 

Next, there was the thanksgiving turkey prop, and a recreation of the scene of Ross, Rachel and Chandler trying to carry the couch up the stairs to Ross’ apartment, this was such a fun photo op and was my personal fav! 

Then we moved into the photo ops within the set of Monica and Rachel’s apartment, specifically the kitchen, we all sat around the table and took some photos! Right past the apartment and into the hallway, there was the iconic cheesecake on the floor. I was hoping for some forks or a prop that we could use to make this photo op even better! 

While we were waiting to take some photos outside “Central Perk”, there was a fun jukebox that played the audio of some hilarious scenes! There was Phoebe’s guitar and Ross’ keyboard right outside the Central Perk set! The sofa, chair’s, cups and set for Central Perk was spot on! I loved this part and was the perfect photo op to end the experience! 

 Lastly, was the gift shop, there was a very limited selection of things! I liked my time at the Friends Experience and there was some great memorabilia and fun facts however, I do wish it was a little more thought out and was a little longer! It lacked a little bit of music and organization especially for the price! I really think for a super fan, the once in a lifetime chance to see some of the authentic special items is worth it! 

Sincerely, Celine 


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