There is a smaller town in Ontario that is often overlooked but it is the perfect day trip! It is only about an hour and a half away from Toronto, and there is so much to do and see here! 

This town screams small town charm from the minute you enter, there are different things to sightsee and small business and food spots to check out! In the winter there is a really beautiful park, there are small short trails with some really gorgeous views! When it isn’t too icy out, you’re able to access the lookout point where you are able to see the gorge river! The lookout is called Lovers Leap, you’re able to see where the gorge river connects with the Irvine Creek! In the summer you are able to take a stairwell down to the riverside which also has some really great views!

While walking around the Victoria Park area, you are also able to see a great view of the David Street West Bridge, it looks really beautiful and has the river running underneath it! It is so picturesque and makes for really nice photos! 

There are also some really great places in the Downtown Elora area, there is everything from shopping to restaurants and local stores! There is a beautiful bridge that crosses over to the Elora Mews, this an area that has everything from shopping to seasonal ice cream and much more! It’s really beautiful and has a great vibe! 

Last but not least there is the Elora Mill! This is an absolutely stunning hotel and spa, it’s so luxurious and has beautiful views of the mill! I can’t wait to return and possibly stay there or get some great spa services! 

These are only some of the amazing things that Elora, Ontario has to offer! Discover it yourself! 

Sincerely, Celine! 


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