Herbivore – COCO ROSE Body Scrub

This body scrub from Herbivore Botanicals, is honestly an everyday favourite. Most body scrubs aren’t recommended to be used everyday because it can be harsh and drying to the skin, but this body scrub is so gentle and hydrating as well! There is a soft silky feeling left after using this body scrub, not to mention how amazing it smells! It is so floral yet natural! Because his product is clean and natural I would recommend being as careful as possible when using this, maybe use a spatula when taking out the product! The packaging is also so minimalist and beautiful, however it is glass, so I wouldn’t recommend taking the entire bottle into the shower, but taking out some product, putting in on the lid or on any other water resistant platform then taking that without to avoid the bottle falling and breaking! 


If you have any type of mild body acne, or strawberry pores on your legs, this body scrub is for you! It doesn’t really have a fragrance or smell to it, but it does have really great properties that will improve the look and feel of your skin. It has a very grainy texture, and feels very close to the texture of sand!  While it did help the look of the pores on my legs, it did also dry out my skin! I definitely need to heavily moisturize after using this body scrub! I don’t recommend using this exfoliator everyday, but optimal results can be achieved by using this scrub approx. 2-3 times a week! 


This is a very perfumed body scrub, if you prefer naturally scented or fragrance free products, this is not for you! I love using this body scrub in the spring time because the scent is so sweet and fresh! The peach and jasmine is the perfect combination of sweet and floral and is a gentle exfoliant! The price point is very affordable, and you get a huge bottle, the amount you get is seriously an excellent bang for your buck! I like to mix this body scrub with my other shower gels, this makes it even more gentle and this makes it lather feel great on the skin! 

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