Classic drinks like red wine are always amazing go-tos when it comes to indulging around Valentine’s day, but if you’re wanting to try something different and need recipe, you’ve come to the right place!

For The Love of Strawberries 

This drink is light and refreshing, I started by cutting the star berries in half then cutting a ‘v’ shape on the top, this creates the cutest heart shape! I like sticking these on the sides of the glass so you’re able to see the shape! You can add any sparkling wine here and drink on its own or follow the alcoholic pink drink below!

½ cup of strawberries

1 splash of peach or berry vodka

1 cup of club soda 

1 cup of ginger ale or sprite 

*optional – garnish with strawberry and thyme/mint 

Chef’s Kiss 

This drink also has cute heart shaped strawberries but I added blueberries for a different pop of colour! It has a mildly sweet taste with fruity flavors! I like using sprite and/or rose wine with this drink! It gives it the pink colour that puts you in the Valentine’s Day mood! This recipe is really easy and doesn’t have a lot of ingredients so it’s really easy to create without too much effort or supplies! 

A few cut strawberries  

1 small handful of blueberries

1 cup of ginger ale or sprite 

1 cup of sparkling wine (white or rose) 

 My Tropical Valentine 

I personally love citrus fruits and this drink combines strawberries with pineapple! You dice up a strawberry and a piece of pineapple, to bring out the flavors, muddle the diced fruits! This is a very refreshing drink and if you just add some lemonade (or a flavored lemonade like strawberry or raspberry) it is kid friendly and has a similar taste and vibe as a Refresher from starbucks! 

1 diced strawberry 

1 diced pineapple piece

1 cup of lemonade (optional flavors, strawberry or raspberry)  

1 cup of ginger ale or sprite 

1 cup of sparkling wine 

*optional – garnish with strawberry and pineapple 

Lover’s Sangria 

Sangria is one of my favourite drinks to have and make variations of all year round! This drink is really refreshing, and has a mix of fruits and flavours! It is light and can easily be served during the summer as well! 

½ cup of strawberries

A small handful of blueberries 

1 pineapple piece 

1 splash of peach or berry vodka

1 cup of wine

½ cup of ginger ale 

½ cup of cream soda 

*optional – garnish with fruit

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