I had such a great experience visiting the Tim Hortons urban cafe the first time, I absolutely had to go back and see what new things they had for us to try and also pick up some of our favourites from last time as well! 

We couldn’t resist grabbing the black forest dream donut, it is a ring filled donut with cherry and chocolate filling, topped with chocolate and a maraschino cherry! It is a bit on the sweeter side so I do recommend sharing or eating it throughout the day. Nevertheless, this donut is packed full of flavor and is the perfect dessert!  

Next, we saw matcha and strawberry croissants on their exclusive menu. They had matcha and strawberry icing drizzled on top but we had no idea that there was also going to be filling inside! The matcha croissant had a light cream matcha filling! It was really airy and didn’t weigh down the croissant! The strawberry croissant has strawberry jam as the filling! It was a little bit too sweet but still very tasty! My favourite was definitely the matcha though! 

I had to get their exclusive passionfruit and pineapple Quencher. It was sweet and tart, had the correct amount of pineapple pieces, and was very refreshing, while this is more of a summer drink, it is exclusive only to Urban Cafe locations so be sure to try it if you visit! 

We also tried a new drink, we opted for something hot and decided to get the dirty chai latte! This had a mix of espresso with the twist of a chai tea bag included! While the chai tea bag is a great idea, it doesn’t infuse flavour into the drink immediately like a syrup would! After letting it sit for about 5-10 mins then reheating the chai flavour was much better! 

This urban cafe has a changing seasonal menu, and many exclusive items! Definitely try it out if you are ever in the Square one area! 

Sincerely, Celine

LOCATION: 394 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON L5B 4N3

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