Many of us travel very far for amazing beaches, for the past few years a lot of us needed to make our Caribbean paradise getaways near to home! Here are some of my favourite beaches to visit when I need to soak up some sun and feel like I’m on an island paradise! 

1) Guelph Lake Conservation (approx. 1 hr 25mins from Toronto) 

This lake is one of the closer beach areas to the GTA, it isn’t usually busy because there is an entrance fee. There is approximately a 3-5 minute drive to the parking lot, which is quite big so there are usually always many parking spots available! The beach is a 2-3 min walk from the parking lot! There are many shady areas and corners of this beach as well, and there is soft sand to lay on and enjoy! The water is very calm and still, there aren’t any waves. However the view of the green land and formation and on the other side! This is a great place for some family fun! 

2) The Burlington Beachway (approx. 50 mins from Toronto) 

Being that this beach is really close to the main downtown area of Burlington, it is honestly the best of both worlds, it is like a hidden paradise that is near so many food places and facilities! There is close parking nearby and depending where you choose to set up and relax for the day it is only a few minutes walk from the parking lots! The water is clean and clear! It is flat and easy to enter when going into the water! There is also so much to do at this beach like bike riding, rollerblading and bird watching! 

3) Scarborough Bluffs (approx. 40mins from Toronto) 

This is definitely the most well-known and busiest beach on this list! Nevertheless it is a sight to be seen, the beach itself is encapsulated by large cliffs known as the bluffs! Parking here is a hassle, there is limited parking for such a large beach and it is a long walk away! So be prepared but pack light for this one! The water and atmosphere is amazing here, make sure to add this to your list of must see places! 

4) Turkey Point (approx. 2 hr 5 mins from Toronto) 

Around 2 hours away from Toronto, you can find a great beach called Turkey Point, there is a good parking area near the water, there is soft sand and great shady spots! However, it is on the smaller side compared to the other beaches mentioned on this list! It usually isn’t as busy, and you can still have a great day in the water! 

5) Long Point Beach (approx. 2 hr 30 mins from Toronto) 

Just a little further than Turkey Point, you will stumble upon Long Point Beach! This has to be one of my favourite beaches! It is huge, has multiple parking lots, entrances and is easily accessible! The water is fairly shallow until you go very far out, so it is great for kids! There is lots of space so you will be able to relax and socially distance! 

If you love the beach as much as I do, you need to check out some of these beaches for the end of summer! See you there! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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