New Bubble Tea Spot in Brampton! – Oishii Tea

If you’re a lover of bubble tea much like myself, when there is a new spot, especially one nearby, you instantly get excited! This new bubble tea spot opened not too long ago and has stolen my heart! This inside is decorated really beautifully with modern lighting, a nice relaxing vibe with the faux plants and trees and pretty seating! 

It was really hard to decide what drink I should try because there is so much to choose from! The first time I visited I went with a classic, mango green tea with coconut jelly! Not all places have the perfect recipe for making this staple drink. However, Oishii knocked it out of the park! There are real mango pieces in this drink which elevates the taste! 


When it comes to variety, there is something for everyone, if you like fruit teas, there is mango, peach, peach lychee, grapefruit, passionfruit and so much more! If you like milk teas, there are classics like brown sugar milk tea, roasted milk tea, jasmine green milk tea, cheese foam and much much more! There are also slushies and smoothies if you like your drinks blended! Their menu is so extensive, I’ve tried something new everytime I visit and I’m never disappointed!

They also have a good menu of toppings for your drinks, from the classic tapioca and coconut jelly (my favourite) to oishii jelly, lychee jelly, basil seeds, crystal boba, mango boba, their signature oishii pudding and more! 

If dessert is your thing, then they also have bubble waffles and ice cream! Their coconut waffle sounds delicious, I will definitely be trying that one next! There is also brown sugar pearl ice cream! Needless to say there is something for everyone here! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

Location: 110 Pertosa Dr #5, Brampton, ON L6X 5E9


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