During this time of year, there are so many places to go see the beautiful fall foliage, but there is one place that I know will be absolutely gorgeous during this time of year, that is the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge, in Campbellford, Ontario!  I visited this bridge and provincial park a few times over the summer and it is spectacular, there is currently no entry fee and there is a small parking lot that is right next to the suspension bridge that leads to the park. 

The suspension bridge is remarkably beautiful! It is a long bridge that is located right over the Trent River Gorge! You can see picturesque views from all sides when you’re on the bridge, the bridge is about 55,000 lbs of steel for the bridge structure alone! The bridge is quite long, the length of the bridge is 92 meters! You can definitely get some great photos and take in the great views here! 

After making it across the bridge, there are some great trails that you can take to further explore Ferris Provincial Park! There are a few trails that lead in different directions, one that i would recommend taking is the trail that leads to the Ranney Falls, it is a small waterfall that has a platform which you can stand on! You can actually play in the water here during the summertime! 

There is also another parking lot that is closer to the falls! If you do park here you do not need to walk across the bridge to get to the falls or hike! This is a beautiful park to explore whenever you are in the Campbellford area! 

There are also many other surrounding attractions including the large Toonie statue and the other locks! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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