Trying + Testing + Treasuring – OCT 30TH

Hey guys, I’m starting a new recurring post where I will be stating all the amazing things I’ve been obsessing over, because sometimes when we find something we really love we feel like we’ve struck gold! I will be doing this approximately once a month and it will be on all different types of things, from skincare, to foods and restaurants to haircare, clothing, and much more! 


This is an amazing moisturizer that has great ingredients! 

This body cream gets its perfect consistency and effectiveness from 7 highlighted oils: 

– Kalahari Melon 

– Sorrel 

– Baobab

– Sunflower 

– Rice Bran 

– Coconut 

– Jojoba 

These help the skin stay nourished, comfortable, soft and glowy! It has a great texture and really helps nourish the skin! It is a bit oily but really does replenish and feels rich on the skin! 


With the colder weather our lips are always needing some more love and hydration! This is one of my favourites! It is a newly launched product and has already changed the game! It isn’t sticky, or too oily! It has the perfect amount of slip and a little goes a long way! 


My hair always needs some extra care and restoration as I’m always colouring it and styling it with heat tools! The Cosmocap by Remilia is my absolute favourite! It is so nourishing and does not weigh down the hair at all! You can use it as a serum before styling or my favourite way is to apply it 10-20 minutes before washing my hair and really letting it soak in! After washing my hair it is so smooth, frizz free and shiny! 

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