Many times layering jewelry can be intimidating, it is very easy to have it look messy, overly chunky and unflattering. There are a few tips to layer your jewelry in ways that enhance your outfit instead of over-accessorizing! 

The first tip is to start with a simple, solid colour shirt, dress, etc, with a basic neckline, for example a scoop, v neck or sweetheart neckline. With the elimination of patterns and attention grabbing necklines, the jewelry can compliment the outfit and make a statement without looking messy! 

Next, would be to choose one area that you would like to layer your jewelry, although I am layering in multiple places for the sake of example in the photos, layering in more than one spot can be a BIG NO! Personally, I like to keep the neckline empty or minimal with a dainty necklace then double up on my earrings because I do have more than one piercing! 

When it comes to earrings, my go-tos are studs and small hoops! Any and all types of small dainty studs, these can be any colour or design, I prefer small gold ones or diamonds, they match the best with my outfits and the most universal in my opinion! 

If you’re a fan of bracelets and watches, layering these are some of the easiest and flattering ways to layer jewelry, a watch with 1-2 thinner bracelets are extremely flattering! 

Hopefully these tips help you when planning your next outfit and accessories! 

Sincerely, Celine 

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