There is another great cafe that is located in Mississauga that is absolutely amazing! They are a  great spot that serves both Vietnamese food and drinks! They aim to always give you fresh food and classic drinks that stays true to their culture! 

Because I am bubble tea obsessed, I tried a few of their drinks! My favourite drink to get here is the Peachy Lychee! It has a similar taste to a peach soda but is even more beautiful in colour and look! It has a maraschino cherry to top it off! My personal favourite topping to pair it with is the lychee jelly! It is delicious! 

The drinks here do have a bit more fizz to them, they are similar to a popping or fruit soda! Another great drink that we tried here is the Red Sunrise, this drink has passionfruit, strawberry and peach! It was beautiful to look at. I am not a huge fan of strawberry flavoured drinks but this one wasn’t too bad! It was a bit tangy but after stirring and mixing the passion fruit flavour with it, it was great! 

Peachy Lychee + Red Sunrise
Peachy Lychee + Red Sunrise

I am a big citrus fan so the mango dragon fruit drink was great to me. The mango was a bit tart but it has a tangy taste that I was a fan of! For many, this might be a bit too tangy but if you’re a fan of the citrus and/or tart taste, this might just be the drink for you! It is really pretty to look at and has a great colour combination! 

Peachy Lychee

Mango DragonFruit + Peachy Lychee

They also offer milk based drinks which I am still yet to try! They pride themselves on using only real milk, no powdered creamer! Some of their milk based drinks include Strawberry Corn Milk, which is super interesting! It is based on a classic drink and has a new twist! It has real corn juice, fresh milk and strawberry puree! There is also Creamy Lemonade, Taro Milk Tea, and the one that excites me the most and the one I will be trying next, House Special Milk Tea, this is a classic milk tea but has cinnamon and brown sugar! YUM! There are smoothies, coffee, lattes and so much more! 

Everyone loves a good brunch/lunch box, they are so trendy and cute! Keeping Koi does their own versions of this with some of their delicious menu items! Some of the items included in various boxes are spring rolls, waffle fries, banh mi, salad and more! 

I can’t wait to visit Keeping Koi Cafe again and try some more great items!

Sincerely, Celine! 

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