Over the weekend we decided to take a trip to downtown Toronto and visit this incredible jungle themed restaurant! It is located pretty close to the CN Tower, you can get a really pretty view right before you walk into the restaurant! As soon as you enter there is an instant tropical vibe! With bright colours and decor everywhere you are definitely transported to the unique blend of cultures! 

There was not a long wait as we did make a reservation a few days in advance and we did arrive on time! The hostess was very friendly and there was a complimentary coat check. I decided to keep my coat with me because I was still warming up from the cold weather outside! They guided us to our table and quickly got us comfortably seated. From our seats we were able to see the live grill and food preparation area. 

They swiftly brought us water with lemon wedges and started giving us some tips on the menu! Our waitress was very sweet and gave us some great insight on the sharing menus and drinks they have! Because it was our first time visiting this restaurant we decided to go order two of their a-la-carte menu items and we ordered two of their cocktails! 

For drinks, we got Flor de Manzana and He’s so Smoking! The Flor de Manzana, has vodka and sake then it is sweetened with passionfruit and apple then topped off with a beautiful elderflower. This drink is so beautiful and perfect for photos, it is a bit sweet and has a nice balance! If you want a dramatic drink definitely go for He’s so Smoking! This drink has tequila, peach, ginger, lapsang, yuzu, shiso and liquid smoke! If you aren’t a fan of tequila, but still want the effect of the smoke, try She’s So Smoking, this drink has cognac instead of tequila!  


When it came to food, they had so much to choose from, we went with the King Oyster Mushroom Tostadas and Pollo den Miso, the Tostadas came with two servings, they had pulled mushroom, guacamole and a chilli sauce, lime and cilantro on top, it was crunchy and flavourful! The Pollo den Miso is a serving of marinated chicken that is topped with carrots and yellow chilli yogurt! They were both tasty but in my opinion the serving size was very small and the chicken dish did not come with a side that complimented the main entree! 


Overall it was a great experience and their jungle brunch experience looks amazing on their patio! Hopefully their jungle brunch will also be available next year when it’s warmer! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

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