BLISS Eye got this under eye patch – this under eye patch has the more adorable pattern. It has gorgeous stars all over it that makes for the perfect photo! It has great brightening properties that help lift the under eye and makes you glow all day long!

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim – I prefer to use these under eye patches in the morning; they recommend you keep the masks on for at least 10-15 minutes, but if I’m at home, I definitely keep them on for much longer! They definitely help to hydrate and get rid of puffiness and fine lines immediately! 

Klorane Soothing Under Eye Patches – With so many under eye puffiness and fine lines, hydrating is a must and this under eye patch is the ultimate must have product! It is a saving grace when it comes to cooling and hydrating the under eye area, it has a gel/jelly like texture! Due to the texture of the under eye patch , it does not slip down, it stays in place and adds hydration to the spot you want it!

111 SKIN Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Masks – this under eye patch is a life saver for my dark under eyes, it is high-end and is very luxury but I am able to use this patch multiple times and it diminished so much darkness from under my eyes and left it looking even, hydrated, brightened and flawless! It also has a gel-like texte that makes it not slip off the face which is great because it really focuses the brightening effect on the under eyes! 


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