There have been so many street festivals that are outside and allowing many food trucks to strive during the pandemic! In Mississauga there was a fall themed street eats market with many vendors, photo ops and music! 

From the moment you walked in you were seeing all different types of fall decorations, from pumpkins, stacks of hay and much more! There is a live DJ that is shouting out the different booths giving you updates, and playing your favourite songs! There is a great photo op with a large N.M.T.O sign, this is a staple at all Night Market Toronto festivals! Almost each time they are decorated according to a different theme! 

There is also another great photo op that is beautiful! It is a fully decorated swing that makes for the best photos! It really is just there for decoration so make sure you don’t really swing on it! It is just there for photos! There are also a few carnival rides that are great for kids! There is a carousel, and other great rides for small children! 

During the weeks that this market was up and running, there were different food trucks and booths available each week! I visited the night market on the last night of the festival, there were not as many vendors but still a great amount to choose from! We did initially try to get in line for the minidounts from 6ixdonuts but the line was way too long! I would definitely say to go early in the day on a weekday if you can! We still managed to get our hands on a few amazing bites! 

First we grabbed some fries and the OG chicken burger from Ghost Chicken, this is what they are best known for as it is made with their ghost pepper maple hot sauce! This was super tasty and had great flavour! 

The next food truck we got to try was The Holy Grill, this food truck also had a long line but it wasn’t nearly as long as 6ixdonuts! It still took us about 40 mins to get our order but it was well worth it! We tried their chicken tenders as well as a chicken slider! There are different spice levels, we decided to play it safe and pick something in the middle and went with hot. This was amazing and their spicy fries are the perfect comfort food! 

Night Market Toronto has concluded the Fall Street Eats Market but there are many other markets coming soon, hopefully around the holiday time! Keep your eye out for these great food festivals! 

Sincerely, Celine! 


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