Over the long weekend, my sister and our friends decided to venture to Uxbridge, Ontario to explore the small town and take a train ride at the historic Uxbridge station! There are different trains that have different themes during the year. We decided to go during Fall for their Fall celebration of changing colours! 

We had to book our tickets in advance, we had to pick our date and time then our section and seat number! There are six different sections, these all have different seating, some are cafe style with chairs and tables, some are comfy benches and some are benches with tables! 

We decided to go from the 10am – 11am train, and with the benches in sections 103, there are also blocked off seats around you so there are proper measures in place for you to feel safe and socially distanced! We chose some of the last seats in this section! 

They emailed us a boarding pass with a confirmation number, that you need to make sure you have off hand when checking in, it does not need to be printed! When we arrived we had to show proof of full vaccination as well as matching government identification, this was quick and easy! We then entered the tent where we met the check-in table, all they needed was the reservation number that was on the emailed boarding pass! 

Then, there were a few photo ops right next to the check in table under the tent, these were so cute and screamed fall! There were leaves, hay stacks, and orange-fall coloured chairs! Then we walked out of the main tent, there was a DJ booth playing some music and creating a great vibe! 

Right after that, we walked towards one of the historic carts they had on display for some great photo ops! Then we headed on over to the second tent where you lined up based on the section you booked and waited to be led on to the train! When our number was called we walked on to the wooden platform and walked over to our cart! 

We then got settled in our seats and the train was quickly on its way! It started and we could see some fall colours! The train itself was moving quite slow and is great for younger kids! It’s about an hour in total and is in the lowlands with trees and leaves all around! Maybe later in the season you will be able to see more leaves that have changed colours! 

Also, there is a secured open window on one cart of the train where you are able to look out, take photos and see the changed colours! There is also a clown making balloon animals on board which is fun and great for children! 

The ride wasn’t too long and was really fun! There is a really great farmers market just a few mins walk away from the York-Durham Heritage Railway, there are some really great vendors like local organic honey and bakery items! 

Definitely go check out this great small town and experience the history and great attractions!

Sincerely, Celine!


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