If you are ever in the Hamilton area, this is a hiking spot that can absolutely not be missed! There is so much to see and a great hiking trail to the Dundas Lookout point! You need to book your reservations and parking pass in advance. You can book the reservations in 2 hour blocks! There is a fee per/person, per vehicle and per reservation which can add up quickly but you do get to see a lot for the heavier price point! 

When entering they will check your parking pass and reservation at the gate, these are separate reservations, and you will get a wristband that you need to keep on at all times when in the conservation area! We parked and made our way to the trail head! The first attraction, Tews Falls, is just a few minutes walk away from the parking lot! There is a viewing platform where you can marvel at the gorgeous 41 meter waterfall! 

After the waterfall, there is a well marked trail loop that you can take to the lookouts and Dundas Peak! There are security guards that may ask to look at your wristband, just make sure it is visible! The hike has great views as it is right along the escarpment! The entire loop is approximately 1.8 kilometers in total, however it is fairly difficult due to the many hills and inclines! 

At the midpoint of the loop, you will arrive at Dundas Point, this is a fenced around picturesque area that is the ideal place to see fall colours! There were a fair bit of people there when I visited, so be sure to be respectful and social distance to keep safe! There is a wonderful and uninterrupted view from all sides of the lookout point and it is huge!

There is a lot of space to take a break before hiking the second half of the loop! The second half of the loop is a little less of a view as it is through the forestry and not on the escarpment, however you do need to hike this way due to the loop being only one way traffic to limit contact with visitors! 

Overall, it was a great experience and was a fun hike! Due to the larger price tag I would be a little hesitant to return but it was great as a one time visit! 

Sincerely, Celine!


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