With the start of the warm weather, I decided that we needed to start patio season the right way! We went to one of the most beautiful nearby towns that we know of, Cambridge! It was about an hour away from Brampton but felt quite short because of the beautiful views of the Niagara Escarpment and sceneries along the way! 

We made reservations in the morning to dine at the Cambridge Mill. There was a large sign showing us where to park and enter! There is a large parking lot so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a parking spot unless they are extremely busy! Upon first glance at the Cambridge Mill it is absolutely breathtaking! It’s located right along the river and has a great upscale ambiance! The stone work and elegance is almost unmatched! There is a large stone staircase leading up to the entrance of the dining/patio area, it’s perfect for photos! 

The first thing we had to do was check in with their online COVID screening protocol. After that we gave them our name and reservation time and they promptly seated us! Service was so quick, within 5 minutes of being seated water and menus were brought to our table! They were so friendly throughout our entire dinner and tried to help guide us on what was the best option for us! 

“There is love in my heart and a glass of sangria in my hand.”

To start, we ordered their lemon meringue sangria! It was so refreshing, tangy and sweet! It was a great citrus twist on a classic sangria! For appetizers, we decided to order something new that we’d never tried before! We went with Arancini, it was filled with mushroom and rice and then deep fried with breadcrumbs! It was topped with arugula, beets and cheese and a creamy aioli! It was delicious, I personally like a little spice so I’d say to add a little black pepper on top! 

Mushroom Arancini

The Arancini was so delicious and filling we decided to go with lighter mains, we ordered the bruschetta flatbread and the cod tacos! The food came so quickly and was very fresh! The bruschetta was so tasty and flavourful, it was a little messy because the flatbread was a bit soft. My advice would be to get the flatbread well done or use your knife and fork to keep the fresh vegetables and topping from slipping off! The tacos weren’t my favourite out of the array that we ordered, they were tasty but I enjoyed the other items much more! 

Cod Tacos + Bruschetta Flatbread

After eating we took a gorgeous walk around the side trail of the mill and took in a beautiful sunset! We lastly drove around to the riverside and walked along the path to get a clear view of the river and mill! It was a gorgeous day to explore downtown Cambridge, we can’t wait to return! 

Sincerely, Celine!

To reserve a table at The Cambridge Mill, CLICK HERE!

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