I didn’t get a chance to visit the Winter Village in Toronto before Christmas, but it is still open until December 31st 2021, so we decided to extend our holiday celebrations into the week and take a trip down to the Distillery District for this event! We decided to go around 3pm, during which time they had free entry! There was a bit of a line, you first needed to scan the barcode on the signs and input your contact information for tracing, then once you got to the top of the line there were workers checking your id and proof of vaccination. Even though the line was long, it was really fast, it took us about 5 minutes to get in! 

As soon as we entered you could instantly feel the shift in atmosphere, it was so beautiful and festive! We walked in and our first stop was the ARTA gallery, there were various pieces to look at and purchase! 

After looking around the art gallery, we walked further down into district, and checked out some of the booths, we first stopped by a food booth by Heirloom, there were a few different items on the menu, they served either various fried chicken or cheesecake donut bites in a waffle cone! We got all the fried chicken options, there were three types, the OG, that was topped with a chipotle aioli. The spicy item was called Santa’s Hot, it was Nashville hot chicken, with pickles and aioli! Lastly, there was a General tso chicken variation, this was really tasty with Asian flavours, and was a great quick eat! 

Next, we walked into the centre of the Distillery District and admired the huge and gorgeous tree! It was so stunning and regal, it sparkled beautifully and brought all the decor together! 

There were a few more booths on the side that had a boardwalk type feel to it, there were a few smaller stalls that had a lot of different types of things, we tasted some sparkling water and it was great! 

Next, we got something to drink that would warm us up a bit! We opted for some mulled wine, this was so delicious, it was fruity, spiced, warm and sweet! The presentation of this drink was to die for! It was served with a cinnamon stick, a dehydrated orange and some thyme! 

The last item we indulged in during our time at the Winter Village was COPS doughnuts, they had a stall that served two flavours, cinnamon sugar and ginger molasses, they were small, warm and so fresh! It’s honestly one of my favourite places to get doughnuts!  

I was so happy to be able to visit the Winter Village this year and loved every minute of it! There is so much to do, see and eat! If you are going during peak times, do expect some lines and wait times, but it was all so worth it! If you can go check it out before the 31st! 

Sincerely, Celine!

ADDRESS: 55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4


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