What’s the perfect thing to do on any weekend? Have a charcuterie board night! We decided to host a night and celebrate the weekend using unique food and drink boards! Here’s a breakdown of the different food and matching drink boards we had! 

Sushi Board 

Almost everyone in our friend group ADORES sushi, it is one of my personal favourites! So we decided to have a sushi inspired board and included some other really tasty sides! The sushi rolls we decided on were, a spicy California roll, a crab stick roll and a crab stick and avocado roll! We thought about what would pair nicely with these maki rolls, so we settled on breaded shrimp as well as coconut shrimp! As a small bonus we also included some edamame! This board really came together as the perfect appetizer and opened up everyone’s appetite! 

Citrus Sake Spritzer 

For our matching drink we decided that sake was the perfect alcohol to pair with the sushi board, it stayed on theme and would really bring out the flavours! We opted for a mixed cranberry sake to be our base, we added in a squeeze of fresh lemon, a splash of ginger ale and about 2-3 teaspoons of simple syrup! We shaked our drinks with ice,  coated the rim of our glasses with sugar, then poured and served! 

Game Night Board – Pizza + Wings 

Next, it was time for the main course! Our friends brought a pizza and wings board which was a hit with everyone! They brought cheese as well as a vegetarian topped pizza, and it was presented in the most aesthetically pleasing way, it was incredibly hard not to reach in and grab a slice right away! The buffalo chicken wings were spicy and the perfect side item! With so many boards, this was an excellent main course as it was very filling and didn’t change our taste palettes too much! 

A Classic Rum + Coke 

With such a well loved board including pizza and wings, there are a few things that pair perfectly with those items! They decided to stick to the classic theme and have a rum and coke drink board that was perfectly topped off with a lemon peel and maraschino cherry ! This was a great drink that mellowed the flavours of the board and was a great inbetween drink! 

Sweets + Dessert Board 

This was the ultimate sweets board, our friends really decked out their board with different kinds of desserts that catered to everyone’s likeness! There were brownies, cookies with walnuts, dark and milk chocolate chunks, different types of cupcakes and my favourite, lemon squares! These were so tasty and the perfect way to end off the food boards! 

Island Vacation Drink 

To compliment the dessert board, our friends made a colourful and vibrant drink served in a mason jar and topped off with a beautiful umbrella! This was a mix of Pink Whitney vodka and lemonade! It also had a sugar and salt rim which was really pretty, and fit the aesthetic! It was sweet but not too sweet and was a perfectly balanced drink! 

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