Crafts + Creative Ideas to try While You’re Staying Safe at Home!

With Ontario going under lockdown again, it is really tough to stay indoors, work from home and find things to make you feel happy and content! I know I struggled to keep busy during the first lockdown, so here are a few fun ideas that can keep you, as well as your friends and family busy for an evening! 

1. Create your own vision board 

One thing that I found helpful and soothing during the first lockdown, was thinking about the things I wanted to do at the end of the lockdown and goals for trips, fitness, career and much more! I decided to visualize it all on a vision board! I looked for a lot of photos and printed everything from short term goals to lifelong dreams! I also went to the dollar store and picked up a canvas as well as string lights, paint, stickers and a few more things that I could incorporate when designing my board! We made things into a fun evening, it was fun,creative and easy! Anyone can do this while being creative, setting goals for the future and showing their personality! 

2. Follow a Bob Ross Painting Tutorial 

This is a great activity but can get messy! I did this activity with some friends, and there were a lot of Bob Ross tutorial videos to choose from. We first made sure we had a large space and laid newspaper and a plastic tablecloth on the ground to ensure everything would stay clean! We chose one video that looked fairly simple in comparison to the others and had a small range of colours to work with! My friend did most of the planning for this activity, including which video/painting we were going to follow, brushes to use, the paint colours and the canvas sizes! Each video is different and you will need to alter the colours you use and the brushes you will need in order to accommodate! This was so much fun, I will definitely be choosing another video to follow soon!

3. Decorate/Personalize Your Own Cup

A fun and creative activity is decorating your own cup! The first step is finding a cup you like, for this we chose clear tumblers, you could do teacups, mugs, anything you’d like once there is enough space for you to add stickers, paint, etc! We got our tumblers and bought a few supplies. I ordered a few decal stickers online and got the rest of the supplies from the dollar store! We got paint, brushes, etc. It was pretty inexpensive and turned into a fun evening! You can decorate the cup anyway you’d like to! You can add your name, paint anything from flowers to stars, you can really personalize this and make it your own! 

I hope this helps you combat the unmotivated, bored feeling of being stuck at home! Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these ideas, and what creative ideas you have done or are thinking about doing during this time! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

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