A few weeks ago we were in Downtown Toronto and decided to try out a new bubble tea spot, that’s when we stumbled upon Tika Tea House! It was located just a short walk away from Nathan Phillip Square and it was pretty easy to find! 

The decor was really pretty and clean when we first entered! Their menu was really large and extensive, however when asking the employee what they had in stock, they weren’t very clear and this made it hard to choose what we should be ordering. We asked them a few questions to make our decision,they stated that they didn’t have many of the drinks that we wanted in stock and they came off as impatient. We made a few decisions and decided to just go with the peach green tea and the white jade lychee. 

The wait for the drinks was very extensive, and we had two orders in our party, for a total of 6 drinks, and without taking the second order the employee made us wait for our drinks then take our second order. After stepping outside we tried out drinks and the peach green tea as well as the white jade lychee were excellent! The lychee was fresh and sweet, it was incredibly refreshing. The peach green tea did look thick upon first glance, however it was very light and did not have too much peach pulp which is exactly the way I like it! 

While the drinks were very good, it was made with fresh ingredients, it wasn’t too sweet, and the flavor was great. The flavor was literally spot on, they nailed the fruit teas and were so tasty . The cups were also very pretty and trendy! They made for a really pretty Instagram photo, and the large was a very good size! The good amount of bubble tea you get in their cups really feeds into my bubble tea addiction! Although the particular employee I encountered was not the best, I would never base the entire brand on that. The drinks here are amazing and I’m sure the other employees potentially represent the tea house differently! 

I absolutely love bubble tea and really would love to have a great experience everywhere I go and this just so happened to not be the best visit due to the employee representative! If I ever do visit Tika Tea House again I hope I have a better experience because like I said the drinks were really very good! 

Sincerely, Celine!


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