TTT- Trying, Testing, Treasuring – January 2022


This has quickly become the serum that I reach for on the daily! I like using this serum in the morning because there is ZERO residue or sticky feel, it soaks right up into the skin and I’m able to layer makeup on top without any issues! While this serum does dry down quickly it does have very good hydrating properties and ingredients, like copper peptides. This serum is super lightweight and soaks into the skin really well and layers extremely well under makeup!  


I was honestly really apprehensive to use this product, being that it does heavily use Apple Cider Vinegar and this is a burning acid, even upon opening this hair rinse it smells very much like vinegar, but to my surprise the smell did not linger at all and it left the roots of my hair very soft! You first dampen your hair, then massage the rinse into the roots of your hair/scalp. You let the rinse sit for about 2 minutes then shampoo and condition as normal. For reference I do shampoo twice regularly but since this hair rinse is marketed as a shampoo substitute I only shampooed once and my hair was so soft and felt very clean! I look forward to using this after freshly colouring my hair as it does claim to have properties that prevent colour wash out! 


This is a lotion that I’ve been reaching for so much! While it is thick and is very hydrating, it doesn’t have any cooling effect, which is why I love using this out of the shower! My skin really sucks this stuff up! It does not leave any residue at all, it is very nourishing and has little to no fragrance! It has a yellow hue to is due to the natural ingredients, there is 10 amazing ingredients in this lotion, allantion, arnica extract, baobab seed oil, bisabolol, bruiti oil, Exo-H, marula oil, shea butter, squalane, and tamanu oil! This lotion has really been a saviour for my skin this winter!

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