During the winter, our skin goes through changes and we need to change up our skincare routines at times to adapt to the ongoing variations of weather. The changes we make are very much dependent on the type of skin we have, however they are all very much centered around added hydration and moisture to combat the cold and dry winter season! Here is a list of some of my favorite moisturizers for the winter! 

Farmacy – Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

This is one of my favorites during the winter because it’s super thick and has a very comforting feel to it! There is little to no fragrance in this moisturizer, I personally like using this moisturizer at night, because it is so thick, it does have a bit of a residue that can hamper the look of makeup layered on top! This is such a hydrating moisturizer that when applied at night, then next morning, my face is visibly smoother, hydrated and plump!

Herbivore – Aquarius Pore Purifying BHA Cream

This moisturizer is for acne prone skin, it is lightweight but is still extremely hydrating! This cream will help balance your skin by adding well needed moisture! While this is a great moisturizer for acne prone skin due to the BHA included, if you have very dry skin, I would recommend layering this moisturizer with a thicker cream that includes Hyaluronic acid! This will be targeting your dry skin as well as the acne! 

OLAY – Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24

This cream is definitely a great moisturizer to layer under makeup in my opinion, it is lightweight, isn’t greasy or sticky, and doesn’t have any residue! This is a great day cream, and has long lasting effects, this moisturizer has really helped the look of my skin and overall look of fine lines over time! 

BLISS – Prevent-4 Youth Got This Pure Retinol Deep Hydration Moisturizer

This is a medium-thick moisturizer, it has retinol which will allow a lot of anti-aging ingredients to be applied to the skin! This moisturizer might make your skin purge, so if you do have acne prone skin, this is something to think about, however, the glow that you get after the purging is unbeatable! Your skin will be hydrated and nourished!  

JOSIE MARAN  – Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter  

This moisturizer is not for those with oily or acne prone skin, this is a very slick and oil based moisturizer, it is ultra-hydrating and is extremely smooth on the skin! It does have an oily finish, because of this I like to use this cream at night! This cream is not a moisturizer that I use on a daily basis, but when my skin is extra dry, one use of this cream and my skin is immediately hydrated and revitalized! 


This cream is lightweight and you can use it in your day or night time routine! It used active ingredients like green tea and honey to hydrate the skin and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles! While it does use these ingredients, there is not much fragrance to the product itself! It soaks right into the skin and layers very well! You can find this moisturizer on , You can get 10% off your order if you use the discount code INF10CELINEE

Sincerely, Celine


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