I recently visited Bar Poet in Toronto and it had an absolutely fantastic vibe, it really is not very big but it has an amazing atmosphere, good eats and innovative drinks! I made a reservation about a week in advance which was needed because this restaurant was small and incredibly busy! There wasn’t a restricted amount of time that we could stay, most restaurants cap your visit at 2 hours during peak times, however this wasn’t the case with Bar Poet, which I really appreciate, you don’t feel rushed at all!

When we entered, it was pretty dark but the hostess was so friendly and guided us to our table! Our table was all the way in the back near the kitchen and it was by far one of the best seats in the place in my opinion! We were away from others and on a higher level from the other tables, which made us feel really safe and socially distanced! 

We started with some drinks, we got a variation of drinks from the menu, almost everyone in our party of 6 initially got something different to drink, we had the sour poet (this was all of our favourites), the last port in the storm, tequila paradox, and “x marks the spot” which was a hot alcoholic drink! Honestly, the hot drink was really strong and due to the temperature it was not exactly hiding the bitter taste of the alcohol! The last port in the storm and the tequila paradox were very strong and a little spicy! However the one drink I’d definitely have again is the sour poet! 

We ordered 3 pizzas and we all shared! Each pizza we ordered had a unique taste! The Microdose pizza was full of flavour, it is vegetarian, has a garlic cream base, with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and topped with arugula, sambal and balsamic reduction! This was by far my favourite pizza! It was so sophisticated, tasteful and perfectly crafted! Next we had the Vegan Hot Rod, it was really delicious! I’m not a huge fan of tomato sauce as the base, which is why this pizza didn’t rank higher, but the hot/spicy agave that the pizza was topped with was so tasty! It was really a game changer! Lastly we got the Casablanca pizza. It has a rose base, I wasn’t a big fan of this as it again had a lingering taste of tomato, but if you like tomato you will love this! This pizza had some delicious pickled chillies that added some well needed spice! 

Overall, I had such an amazing experience visiting here, everything is pretty well priced and very tasty! I can’t wait to get some take out pizzas from here to enjoy until we are able to dine indoors again! 

Sincerely, Celine

ADDRESS: 1090 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H7

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