I saw so many people, visiting and enjoying this highly kid-friendly place, I just had to visit it myself! It is located in Colborne, Ontario.  It was easy to find and right off the highway, the entrance was visible and you knew you were there by seeing the big figure of the apple! 

There is a huge parking lot with plenty of space to park and walk in! As soon as you park you can see the people on the patio enjoying the treats they bought in the market or from the nearby food vendors! Before walking into the main food market, there are some really interesting food festival-like stalls and eating areas, they are selling food like, fish and chips, pulled pork, shrimp and other quick eats! 

There is one main entrance to get into the market itself. When you enter there is a candy and packaged goods section to your immediate right, this is where we chose to start. We walked in and were greeted with candy heaven! There were so many different types of unique and nostalgic candies available. In this area there was fresh fudge, sweet treats and candy apples as well. As we walked in further there was Kawartha Ice cream also for sale and a huge selection of maple syrup as well! 

There was also a cool small car, it was wrapped in the Planters Peanut logo and was full of different types of nuts and snacks! 

Lastly, we headed to the bakery and hot food area, this was the busiest section with a lot of different items being served here! The first thing I picked up was their famous apple bread! It was really tasty and had cinnamon swirls added for flavour as well! We also picked up some apple pies and pastries! It was so hard to choose from as they had so many good treats! We went with the apple fritter and the apple strudel! I’d have to say the strudel was my favourite item, it was soft, flakey, not too sweet and had just enough apple pieces! 

If you are ever in the area be sure to make a quick stop and check out all the great things this place has to offer! 

Sincerely, Celine

The Big Apple : 262 Orchard Rd, Colborne, ON K0K 1S0


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