As a fun activity me and some friends decided to bring out our artistic abilities and try reverse glass painting! This was such a fun concept and was very different when compared to traditional painting on a canvas! 

We started by purchasing inexpensive picture frames, we got ours at the local dollar store, you can also find them on Amazon, we went with a smaller frame so it would be a bit easier for our photos to fit! Then we also got a few paints, especially the primary colours! We got a few different brushes to be able to have some variety as well as some painters tape! 

We all then chose a photo that we wanted as the base of the painting, we all had a tough time picking which photo we wanted to recreate in our painting because anything too intricate would be really tough! I swayed more towards cartoon and pop art photos, I ended up going with a cartoon pop art photo of a woman, and needless to say it was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be! 

We set up a really cute table with all our frames and supplies and started by printing our photos to fit the dimensions of the frame and we drank a bottle of wine to loosen up and try to recreate the best photo possible! 

There are a few different ways you can approach prepping the glass before starting to paint, you can either take the glass fully out of the frame, place the photo behind and use tape to stick it to a solid table or platform. Or you can keep the photo and glass in the frame (which is what I did), and then apply the painters tape around the frame to ensure no paint was getting on the frame! 

Then you need to start with the outline of the photo, I used black to outline the silhouette and hair as well as the facial features. Once the outline is done, I went in with a thicker coat and coloured in the hair and lip colour, then the skin colour. Once this was completely dry then I painted the entire background white to really make the focus of the picture be the woman and so that the back of the frame wouldn’t show through! 

This did take a really long time to dry, I left it overnight before flipping it over and setting it properly in the frame and sealing it in! I was very happy with the end result and everyones painting was so beautiful and turned out great! 

It was such a fun project to do with amazing friends and we all had an amazing time being artists for the evening! You need to try this! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

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