Trying Oliver’s Coffee in Muskoka!

As a lover of cafes and coffee shops, Oliver’s Coffee is such a beautiful local coffee shop with a few locations in the Bracebridge area as well as in and around Muskoka! I visited one when on a road trip and it was such a pleasant and tasty stop! The outside decor is so personalized to the cafe! The colours and all over vibe of the coffeehouse are so homey and comfortable! 

When walking in, the aroma of coffee and fresh baked goods is so satisfying! Their coffee beans are actually locally roasted in Muskoka! They have many signature coffees to choose from, like House Mild or Dark, Decaf, Espresso, as well as flavored coffees like French Vanilla, French Caramel, Butter Pecan, Swiss Chocolate Almond, Irish Cream, Hazelnut Cream and Vanilla Hazelnut. When I visited it was around midday and I really wanted something that was tea based, I went with their Chai Tea Latte and it was so creamy, a perfect balance of sweet and spice packed full of chai flavour! 

There was also a lot of iced coffees, blended iced coffee and other cold drink options that are perfect for summer! When you walk in there is a display of amazing baked goods! There are donuts, apple fritters, scones, muffins, and other puff pastries like spinach and feta! The bistro spinach and feta puff pastry was by far my favourite! It was savory and full of flavour while being soft and warm! The pastry itself is very flaky and fresh, this is a must try item for sure! 

There are also other food options like bagels, sandwiches and soups! This coffeehouse is such a nice and refreshing treat, there was a difference in the food and drinks as well as the overall feel of the cafe are so calm and community oriented! 

I really loved everything I tried here and I really wish I was closer to a location! I will definitely be visiting the next time I’m in the area! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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