When I think of Three Ships Skincare, I think of quality, innovation, transparency and effectiveness! Introducing products from Three Ships has not only changed my skin and daily routines, but my perspective and values around skincare for the better! With their relevant mission to be completely transparent, it directly aligns with my views on appreciating and knowing exactly what I’m putting on my skin! This is something that Three Ships puts at the forefront of their items, their products are Clean, Sustainable, Plant Based, and 100% Natural! 

With that being said, let’s dive right into some of my favourite products from this amazing brand! First up I like to start my routine with a cleanser, I love the Purify Cleanser! This cleanser has Aloe + Amino Acids, it is targeted toward dry to normal skin types as it is really hydrating and gentle! In line with it being clean and natural, there is an astonishing 26% aloe vera included within this cleanser! This allows for a deep clean while maintaining hydration and nourishment! Personally, I love the gentle gel-like consistency on this cleanser! It lathers perfectly and doesn’t strip my skin of its natural oils, it primes my skin ideally and allows it to feel fresh! 

Three Ships Skincare is proudly female owned! In today’s modern society, we are seeing more female owned businesses and female business women! Three Ships Skincare is a prime example of this and it is inspirational! 

Another product that I adore is the Detox Green Tea Antioxidant Clay Mask , this mask truly combats my whitehead and blackhead with ease! It is made with French green clay and green tea extract. It is a unique and innovative mask as you need to mix the paste yourself before applying! It is packaged as a dry mixture, I mix an average of 1 tbsp with just a few drops of water! Be careful not to add too much water here, as it can dilute the mixture! After a few minutes you can feel the mask starting to tighten, I like to leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, removing it with warm warmth is such a soothing feeling! My skin is always soft and smooth after using this mask! 

As a Canadian, I really love supporting local businesses and ensuring that I’m celebrating all the local brands and products that are stellar! All Three Ships products are manufactured in Canada! 

A product that I use religiously and literally cannot get enough of is the Dew Drops Mushroom Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum! This has to be one of the most natural and effective serums I’ve used to date! It is extremely hydrating and great for all skin types! It noticeably brightened and balanced the look of my skin and really helped my skin look plump and full of moisture! It was so lightweight and absorbed into the skin really well, I had no issues layering any makeup on top, it keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day! The ingredients in these products, as well as all Three Ships products, are absolutely transparent. Knowing what I’m putting on my face and having it be so pure and natural makes it so effortless when deciding what I should use on a daily basis! 

This is my preferred set of items that are catered to my skin type and concerns, and you can also get a Three Ships Routine that is perfect for YOU! Take the short Skin Quiz to get items that are specifically paired to combat your concerns and adhere to your skin type! Once you take the quiz and you’re ready to check out, use my Discount Code SINCERELYCELINE20 to get 20% OFF! 

Now it’s your turn to #lookcloser with Three Ships Skincare and explore a brand that has amazing products, goals and is completely transparent!

Sincerely, Celine! 

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