When at our resort in Huntsville Muskoka, we were looking for the perfect dinner spot that was a little upscale yet casual enough to enjoy with our group of friends. We also didn’t want to go too far away from the resort as it was a bit of a snowy night when we visited and there was a lack of street lights surrounding the resort.

Just about 10 mins away we found the perfect dinner spot, Allora. This dining restaurant specializes in pizzas, and they are so perfectly crafted it is impeccable! We did make a reservation because it was a large group of us, and they had our table ready for us when we got there! The staff was so friendly and welcoming when we arrived, they got us seated really quickly and the vibe of the place was so comfortable! There was really nice dinner lighting but it wasn’t too hard to see! Plus there were beautiful candles on each table giving it a nice touch! 

We started with drinks and they had a really innovative menu, almost every drink was specially for the restaurant. I had a blueberry mint mojito which was so refreshing and light, it paired really well with the food we had! Others in our group ordered margaritas and an exclusive drink called The Willow which was a little more tart because it was based on grapefruit juice. Nevertheless, it was really refreshing and balanced with the food extremely well! 

I ordered the fungi/mushroom pizza, it was immaculate, it included assorted mushrooms, these mushrooms were absolutely full of flavour, each was perfectly soft and tender! It also had fresh basil, ricotta, fresh garlic and lemon zest! This was by far the best pizza for the night, it was fresh, flavourful, and served right out of the oven! All pizzas were served whole and we needed to cut it, it was warm and really easy to cut, it was a good indication that the pizzas were really fresh!

Our group also ordered two other pizzas, one classic margarita pizza, this included their house made tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese! The last pizza we ordered was very unique and special to the restaurant, it was the La Zucca pizza. It had a sweet roasted squash base, fresh basil, chili oil,etc. it was really unique from the other pizzas but still pretty delicious. 

The last item we ordered was from the dessert menu, we were all pretty full so we got one dessert and shared, we got the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake, and it was the highlight of the dinner! It was sweet, rich, had a balanced lemon flavour and was presented beautifully. 

Allora was such an amazing restaurant with outstanding vibes, great service, and a tasty menu! If you are ever in the Huntsville area I would highly recommend this spot!

Sincerely, Celine! 

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