During the summer times, getting out and experiencing nature is a must! A great way to see large fields of flowers and immerse yourself into its beauty! I’ve been to a few sunflower fields over time but one of my favourites has to be Dixie Orchards near Caledon, Ontario! And they are opening again for visits starting early August! You will need reservations as you are able to choose the 2-hour time slot you would like on your date of choice and an entry fee will be charged upon arrival prior to entering. 

There is a tractor ride that starts the experience and takes you to the start of the fields and the large corn maze! We decided to venture into the maze first! It was quite large and took us at least 8-10 mins to get through and it was so much fun and well maintained! We took a short walk along the outside of the maze and took some photos in a few gorgeous spots of the outer edges of the sunflower field! 

Next, we walked over to one of the many photo ops in the field which was a huge picture frame! It was absolutely gorgeous and made for the best photos! It felt like you were taking a picture of a picture! There were other photo ops as well including a larger than life chair and a motorcycle, but my favourite was the picture frame! 

There is also a small store on the outside of the orchard where you can buy goods, flowers and other great things! I had such an amazing experience here I can wait to visit again! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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