Keeping a good skincare routine is vital, especially if you are constantly applying make-up! Without an adequate skincare regime, make up won’t have a smooth canvas to lay on which will make your makeup look uneven! 

I always start with a cleanser, I prefer to use fresh scented, gentle cleansers! Some of my favourites are the Fresh soy cleanser or the Garnier pinea-c cleanser! 

Next, I follow up with an exfoliator, if i’m using an exfoliator everyday my go-to is the daily microfoliant from Dermalogica! It is really gentle and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. This exfoliator is on the higher end, but there are many others at a lower price point that are equally as effective! If you’d like you can add a toner to close your pores!

After cleansing and exfoliating, the number one thing to do is add moisture back into your skin! I like to use a lightweight serum! I like the oil-infused rose serum from Fresh or Genifique from Lancome is one of my all time favs! It soaks into the skin so easily and doesn’t leave any residue at all!

If you have dry and puffy under eyes like me, then under eye cream is a must! The Lancome Absolute Eye cream is great, there are many drugstore options that are exceptional! If your under eyes need an extra boost, try using an under eye patch, some that I love are the Baggage Claim patches from Wander Beauty and the Hydro Boost patches from Klorane! 

I like to follow up with an overall moisturizer, personally I like my moisturizers to be ultra lightweight, the oil free moisturizer from the ordinary is a great affordable option! One non-negotiable step is to layer on some SPF! I like using the ultra-lightweight fluid sunscreen from Vichy! Lastly, before putting on your makeup for the day, I like to use a primer! Lorac porefection is one of my go-tos, there are many other budget options from brands like NYX and Milani! 

I hope these steps help you create a smoother canvas for your makeup! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

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