If you’re looking for adorable desserts and an affordable price point, you need to visit Shake it & Co! They are located in Mississauga and are very easily accessible to anyone in the GTA! The staff was so friendly and really helped us decide what we should get! 

The outside of the store is very distinctive and really cute! You can tell that the aesthetic of the entire store and their items were matched perfectly! Their menu has so much to choose from, the first item that stuck out to me was the nutella lava cake! This was a warmed up rich chocolate cake with nutella, topped with ice cream and chocolate sprinkles! This was honestly my favourite item for the day! It was the perfect size, had amazing flavour and wasn’t too overly sweet, it was perfectly balanced! 

We also got two of the bubble waffles, each waffle came with soft serve ice cream and an array of different toppings depending on which flavour you choose! We got the creme brûlée called Unbrûléevable, as well as the ferrero rocher called She’s Nuts, the presentation of these were so beautiful! The creme brûlée had caramel sauce and torched sugar and the ferrero rocher had peanuts, nutella and chocolate sauce, it also has a big ferrero rocher right on top! These were so delicious and the waffles are vegan which I really appreciate, the ice cream is also offered with a coconut alternative which is so amazing and accommodating! 

Unbrûléevable Bubble Waffle
She’s Nuts Bubble Waffle

Lastly, we picked up a mint chocolate chip milkshake, it was really pretty with a chocolate sprinkle rim and gorgeous green colour, it was so cute and tasted amazing! After we ordered they let us wait outside then texted us when our order was ready! It was so quick and overall a great experience! They offer so many different things here like funnel cakes and deep fried mars bars which I will definitely be trying very soon! See you there! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

Check out my reel on Instagram @sincerelycelinee to get a better look at this amazing spot!

Shake it & co website:

Instagram @shakeitandco

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